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Feversham and Maxwell

Feversham and Maxwell are small villages east of Flesherton in the municipality of Grey Highlands. In the mid 1800’s, there were many mills along the riverbanks which made this a good location for settlement. Today visitors can experience the rugged beauty of the area by visiting locations such as Feversham Gorge Conservation Area. The Gorge consists of 29 acres that follows the Beaver River through mixed forests, cold water springs and vertical limestone cliffs, which extend more than 24 meters (80 feet) over the river.

The Beaver River is spring fed, making it a natural habitat for Brook Trout, much to the delight of local anglers. Excellent water quality has also made Feversham the ideal location for Ice River Springs Bottled Water Supplier.

The area is home to a large Mennonite population so horse-drawn buggies and road side stands offering fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers are a common sight in the summer, as are local cross-country skiers and snowmobilers during the winter months.  Mennonite-made furniture is also a tourist draw and can be found at stores such as The Rusty Star on Grey Rd 4.  Local children attend Osprey Central School and then Grey Highlands Secondary School and most organized sports are run out of neighbouring Flesherton and/or Markdale.

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Mural on Short’s General Store by Alan C. Hilgendorf

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