5 Reasons To Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

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19 May 2017

Not a regular at your local farmer’s market?  You should be!  In Grey County, we are lucky to have an abundance of them, so distance need never be an issue.  From Flesherton’s regular Saturday morning affair (in the arena/library parking lot) to Dundalk’s weekend market (running from June through Thanksgiving) to Meaford’s 100km market to the spectacle at Keady Fairgrounds on Tuesday mornings (considered a “don’t miss” by many), there’s no excuse for missing the opportunity to shop local.  Need a few more reasons why visiting a local farmer’s market is a good idea?  I’ve got 5!

The Taste

Whether you’re there for the fresh fruit and veggies, grass-fed meats or free-range eggs, you’ll notice a difference in the taste compared to grocery store goods.  When things are freshly picked or packed on the morning of (or maybe the day before), they can’t help but taste better!  These foods are also typically free of pesticides and preservatives and additives which we know makes them much healthier options.

The Savings

If goods are grown or produced locally, you’re eliminating the cost of transportation when you purchase them from the original vendor at a location close to the farm.  Not only that, you’re also putting your money right back into the local economy and community, helping local farms, businesses and families.

The Community Engagement/Enjoyment

A trip to a farmer’s market is a great way to start the day!  You’ll meet farmers, neighbours, visitors and every one of them will have a smile and a story to share.  Farmer’s markets are great places to congregate for that morning coffee, meet new people and find out what’s going on in the community.

The Knowledge

When you speak directly with a farmer/producer, you’ll find out the best ways to store and prepare the produce you’re buying.  Find out how the chickens who laid your eggs are cared for, discover a new recipe, pick up a new trick to boost the production in your own garden…all from the experts, the people who produced the goods you’re buying.

The Environmental Benefits

Making an effort to shop locally will save you both gas and time.  Why spend half an hour in the car when fresh options are available so close to home?  Why contribute to the greenhouse gas problem unnecessarily?  Driving is part of the deal when you live in small towns and rural areas but Farmer’s Markets bring the goods to you.  Take advantage of that!


There has been a big push in recent years and in larger city centres to embrace things like “The 100 Mile Diet” and the “Farm To Table Movement”.  We are fortunate that in Grey County, we can easily make these ideas a reality.  We are literally surrounded by local growers, producers and vendors who provide us with fresh, healthy, local goods which are readily available and affordable.  Seems a shame to miss out on that opportunity.  Make visits to your local market part of your regular routine!

Grey County Farmer’s Markets

Flesherton District Farmer’s Market

Saturdays (8am – 1pm) from Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving

Flesherton Arena parking lot


Keady Livestock Market and Farmer’s Market

Tuesdays (7am – 2pm) May 16 – Oct 10, 2017,

117012 Grey Rd 3, Tara


Dundalk and District Farmer’s Market

1st Saturday of June to Thanksgiving weekend (2-7pm)

Main Street, Dundalk (1km west of Hwy 10)


Meaford Farmer’s Market

Fridays (3-7pm) from June to Thanksgiving

on Bayfield next to the Meaford Museum, close to the harbour


Owen Sound Farmer’s Market

Saturdays year-round (8am – 12:30pm)

114 8th Street, behind City Hall


Eat Well Farmer’s Market, Hanover

Fridays from June through September (noon – 4pm)

Heritage Square, Hanover


Thornbury Farmer’s Market

Saturdays from late May through Thanksgiving (11am – 2pm)

Mill Street, Thornbury


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