8 Benefits of Owning a New Home on an Acreage

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19 August 2019

In the beautiful area of Chatsworth, finding a home with a large yard, or even acreage can mean endless opportunities. When it comes to Chatsworth real estate, there are a few key areas ideally suited for this type of purchase. Should you buy a home with ample land? Consider a few benefits to doing so.

#1: Build the Backyard of Your Dreams

There’s no better reason to buy a home with acreage than this. From a pool to a full kitchen in the backyard, there are few limitations to how you can use this space.

#2: Know That Your Property Value Is Higher

If you have a home with acreage, your property value is more likely to increase over the long term. In the Chatsworth real estate market, even as it becomes more developed over the years, you can rest assured your property’s value will continue to rise.

#3: Have the Privacy You Desire

With more space, you can enjoy more privacy without having to work too hard at the process. In other words, you can count on the added space, trees, and rolling hills to shelter your home and family.

#4: Plant a Garden and Then Some

Perhaps you have a green thumb, but you haven’t had the opportunity to really use it because of limited city space. That’s okay when you have acreage. There’s an incredible amount of space available – and just the right type of weather conditions – to grow a big garden if you like.

#5: Keep Things Natural

Do you love busy city streets and the hectic lifestyle they come with? Maybe you’re ready for a dose of nature – whether its trees and a natural preserve-like setting or a more landscaped yard – and the peaceful restoration it can provide. In Grey County you can find this kind of paradise in your own backyard!

#6: Entertain Your Way

With more space, you have more room to spread out and have some fun. A big patio or even a gazebo can give you the best entertainment space your friends have ever seen! What a great environment for spending your time enjoying weekend barbecues with the entire family.

#7: Build a Bigger Home

One of the nice things about Chatsworth real estate is that there are many properties you can build on. Custom home building is an excellent way to make the most of your property. You can have the home of your dreams built from the ground up.

#8: Control Your Surroundings

Perhaps you don’t want to worry about neighbors in a few years. We all want to be able to control the area around us. With a larger country lot, you don’t have to worry about a new street or development going in too close to your home.

Ready to Explore Your Options?

Give us a call today to learn more about available real estate in Chatsworth and the surrounding areas. You’ll love all you can do here with acreage.


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