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12 March 2020

March Break is fast approaching.  Whether you’re taking some vacation time to be with your kids or just have a couple of high strung weekends to fill, the question remains…do you know how you’re going to keep your kiddies busy?  One of the best ways to keep kids occupied and tire them out at the same time is to get them outside.  Luckily enough, we live in a vast and beautiful natural playground and there are plenty of opportunities for some outdoor fun and games.  Consider tackling some of these:

Not in the mood to head outdoors?  There are tons of things to try inside as well.  It has been my experience that most of the time, kids will just be happy to have your undivided attention and will join in any activity that you are enthusiastic about.  If you’re enjoying yourself, they likely will too.  On those especially cold or stormy days, or days when you just don’t feel like going outside again, give one of these fun activities a try:

  • Get out a bunch of craft supplies and let your inner Picasso take over
  • Find a flat, even surface and crack open that puzzle your family was given at Christmas
  • What kid doesn’t love playing board games?  They’ll love it even more when they beat you!
  • Visit a local Museum (Owen Sound is local too and the Grey Roots Museum has some great programs and exhibits)
  • Go to the Flesherton, Markdale or Kimberley Library and choose a couple of great books to read.  There’s a lovely library in Durham as well.  Most will have programs on for young kids and sometimes there are even special visitors or events for the holidays.  Pre-registration may be required, so call ahead.
  • Go to a public skate
  • Go to a public swim.  The Hanover P&H Centre has public swims, family swims and toonie swims on all week.
  • It may be out of date now, but renting a video from Jolley’s in Flesherton was always a favourite of my kids.  There are lots of titles to choose from (many not available on streaming services) it’s affordable, the service is always great and you can pick up a bag of chips or one of their famous ice cream cones while you’re there!

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