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Fun Last Minute Hallowe’en Costume Ideas

If your house is anything like mine, Hallowe’en night is always a mad rush no matter that we’ve had a whole year to get organized!  There’s always at least one kid who doesn’t know what costume to wear or wants something different from the costume she wore to school during the day…arg!!  Maybe your days of getting the kids dressed up are behind you and you’re looking for an idea for an adult Hallowe’en get together.  Either way, I’ve got you covered with some simple costume suggestions that aren’t only easy to pull together, they’re clever and funny too!



All you need is a pair of black pants (jeans, leggings, whatever you’ve got on hand) and a black and white striped shirt.  Bonus points if you can find a red scarf to tie around your neck, a black beret and white gloves but they’re not really necessary.  In terms of makeup, a little black around your eyes and/or white makeup all over your face will do the trick.













Feeling brave enough to bare it (almost) all?  A red swimsuit, a pair of flip flops, some sunglasses and a pool floatie will turn you into a real life Baywatch lifeguard.  Want to make sure they know you’re there to save the day?  Put some white makeup on your nose (zinc sunblock), throw a whistle around your neck and add a red paper cross to your floatie to signify that you’re a serious life saver!













Static Cling

Easiest costume ever!  Wear whatever you want and pin odd socks, a tshirt or two, a few dryer sheets and anything else that’s light weight to your clothes.  Ta Da!!













A Tourist

I like this one!  Find a pair of shorts and a good tacky short sleeved shirt.  Dig out a sun hat or ball cap, sunglasses (preferably on a string), and don’t forget to add both socks and sandals to the mix!  To really seal the deal, get your hands on a fanny pack!












Another super easy one.  All you need is a tshirt that you’re not particularly attached to.  Now go to the bank and get a roll of nickels to glue to the back of the shirt.  BAM!  You’re Nickel-Back…get it?!?!









Candy Rapper

No, I didn’t spell it wrong.  For the first part of this costume, you are required to eat a decent amount of mini chocolate bars, pieces of Bazooka gum, lollypops or any other variety of candy that comes individually wrapped.  Next, attach those wrappers to your clothing.  Then print out or photocopy a picture of Eminem or another instantly recognizable rapper, cut out the face and attach that to your shirt as well.  You are a candy – rapper.  You’re welcome! 🙂

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