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Get Out On The Water

The autumn months can be a wonderful time to enjoy the lakes and rivers that are plentiful in Grey County.  Whether you’re fishing, taking a leisurely tour of the lake or paddling down the river, there are plenty of options to allow individuals, families or groups to enjoy some time on the water.  Want to give it a try but don’t have your own equipment?  Not a problem!  There are plenty of rental options available.



Flesherton Pond

If you’re in the mood to try your hand at fishing you have a few options.  Flesherton Pond is stocked with rainbow trout each spring and is the perfect, calm location for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience fishing in a boat.  There is also plenty of room to fish from shore, plus a small beach, pavilion and picnic area – an ideal spot for young kids to play if they lose interest in fishing.  The town’s annual fishing derby does make a significant dent in the number of fish left in the pond but this is a popular fishing hole that sees activity throughout the season.  Located off Grey Road 4 just west of Highway 10.


Lake Eugenia

This 1800 acre man-made lake is well used by cottagers and locals for swimming, boating and fishing.  The public beach has a wide, roped-off swimming area, picnic tables and a boat launch.  Hydro One operates the Eugenia Dam and the OPG controls water levels on the lake (the lake/dam are used to generate hydro electric power) so water levels can vary after mid-September but often remain fairly high through the Thanksgiving weekend.  Levels are also weather dependent but if you plan to head out in a kayak, canoe or small boat the water level will be more than sufficient.  The Causeway is a popular spot for those fishing from land and once the cold weather sets in, die-hards fishing in ice huts are a common sight as well.  Located off Grey Road 13.  Boat launch is east on Canrobert.


Bells Lake

Bells Lake is a little bit more removed from the main roads but is well known as a lovely location for a paddle.  Owned by the Saugeen Conservation Authority, there aren’t any facilities at the lake but it is very popular with fishermen, canoers and kayakers thanks to the calm waters and peaceful atmosphere.  Located at Grey Road 12 and West Back Line, a few minutes northwest of Markdale.


Irish Lake

Fish for bass in peace and quiet on this small, quiet lake about halfway between the village of Priceville and Markdale.  No motorized boats are permitted on Irish Lake, making it perfect for row boats, canoeing, kayaking or getting out on a stand-up paddle board.  There’s a small public access point at the southwest corner of the lake. Don’t be surprised when cottagers wave and say hello as you make your way past their docks!  Located at Glenelg-Artemesia Townline and 6th Concession/Irish Lake Road.


Williams Lake

This 148 acre, clover-shaped lake features a public beach, boat launch, and roughly 60 buildings that are a mix of seasonal cottages and permanent homes.  This lake is a little bit out of the way but it is well-loved for both fishing and boating and sits north of Markdale between Holland Centre and Williamsford.  Head northwest on Highway 10 to Sideroad 10, left on Concession 2 to Williams Lake Road, left onto Woodland Circle and another left onto Point Road.


Wilcox Lake

This small lake is also stocked with rainbow trout and if you’re lucky you’ll find some bass as well.  Another great spot for a dip if the afternoon is warm.  Located on Grey Road 4 about 3kms west of Flesherton at the end of Wilcox Lake Road.


The Beaver River

If you’re ready for something that requires a little more effort, you may be ready to graduate to paddling on the Beaver River!  The Beaver begins north of Kimberley and meanders through stretches of open fields and woodlands, ending at the village of Heathcote. It’s a great route for viewing local wildlife, the scenery of the Niagara Escarpment is wonderful and the fishing is excellent with rainbow trout and brown trout as well as some good locations for fly fishing.  Keep in mind that rivers can be heavily impacted by weather and local water levels, and short portages may be required if trees have fallen along the route.  There are 4 access points along the paddling route.  Click here to download your map.


The Saugeen River

The mighty Saugeen flows through the Grey County countryside all the way to Lake Huron at Southampton.  Water conditions can vary with topography and some sections of rapids and eddies do exist, so it’s best to be on guard.  These rapids are reasonably easy to navigate but can be quite strong in the spring when water levels are high and flows quickly with a strong current.  During the summer and fall months, when levels and flow have dropped, the Saugeen is ideal for a family outing on the water.  Download your route map here.



Want to give it a try but don’t have your own equipment?  Not a problem!  There are plenty of rental options available.


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