Hike These “Secret Trails” In Grey County

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6 May 2018


Local hikers and walkers know that Grey County is host to a substantial length of the Bruce Trail but there are many other trails in the area that aren’t as well known.  If you’re looking for some fresh scenery or find some of the more popular trails too busy for your liking, why not try out one of these “secret trails” instead?


Bognor Marsh

The Bognor Marsh Management Area is home to 12.9kms of trails and boardwalks plus an education shelter, viewing tower, interpretive signs and on-site washrooms.  Email info@greysauble.on.ca or k.mckee@greysauble.on.ca for more info.


Lake Eugenia Trail

The Eugenia Lake Loop is a 20km trail that runs across the top of the Niagara Escarpment through the heart of Beaver Valley cottage country.  Beginning in the artistic village, the trail passes Eugenia Falls, journeys through the countryside and crosses the lake at the causeway.  Suitable for beginners or even experienced cyclists.


Feversham Gorge

The Feversham Gorge offers a 1.5km trail leading to a scenic lookout and stairs running along the edge of the gorge.  A lovely casual walk with picnic tables, parking and washrooms.

Grey County CP Trail

The 77km long Grey County CP Rail Trail begins at East Bayshore Road in Owen Sound and allows for some great views of Georgian Bay.  The trail runs east of the city parallel to Highway 6 down to Chatsworth.  A stretch running from Chatsworth to Dundalk has a higher degree of difficulty.  This trail is multi-use so hikers should expect to share the space with cyclists, cross country skiers and locals walking dogs or horses.


Forest 41

Grey County Forest 41 is located at 702736 Sideroad 5 in Chatsworth.  Passing through conifer plantations and hardwood forest on land that varies from level to rolling, approximately 2.5kms is used for hiking and biking.  To the south, the trails expand through Saugeen Valley Conservation property where permitted uses include skiing and hunting.  Call 519-376-2205 or email forests@grey.ca for more details.


Kinghurst Management Trail

The Kinghurst Management Area is a 141 hectare forest owned by Saugeen Conservation that includes a 4.6km trail system popular for hiking and cross country skiing.


Mill To Mill Trail

The Mill to Mill Trail in Williamsford is a 50km network of hiking/biking trails that varies from easy terrain to moderately difficult.  The loop connects two historic villages, each with their own mill still used today and takes adventurers through cedar bush, along the river, past waterfalls and through charming villages.


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