Local Food Banks Can Always Use A Hand

Looking for a meaningful way to get involved in the local community?  I’ve got two words for you: food bank.

Grey Highlands area food banks can always use volunteers to help with co-ordination, organization, supply management and donations.  And what better way to meet people, make local connections and serve the people in the communities and neighbourhoods we know and love?  There are food banks in Chatsworth, Dundalk, Flesherton and Markdale so you’re sure to find one that’s close to home and in need of an extra helping hand.  As we begin to think about the summer drawing to a close, we’re also approaching holidays like Thanksgiving and even Christmas when needs increase so why not get ahead of things and begin your involvement now?  Here’s how:


Chatsworth Community Outreach

Chatsworth United Church, 43 Toronto Street, Chatsworth

Contact Bill King (519-376-1522) or Janet McCarthy (519-794-3170)



Dundalk Food Bank

Southgate Economic Development Office, 80 Proton Street, Dundalk

Contact Charles Fernandes or Mary Redmond (519-923-0454)



Flesherton Food Bank

Cedarside Baptist Church, 46 Collingwood Street, Flesherton

Contact Pastor David McIntyre (519-924-2065 / [email protected]) or Marion Doyle (519-599-5376 / [email protected])



Markdale Food Bank

Markdale District Food Bank at Cooke’s Presbyterian Church, 14 George Street, Markdale

Contact Carl Herman (519-986-1432) or Menno Smith (519-986-3841)


Email Mark