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12 July 2019

If you’re looking for houses for sale in Dundalk Ontario, you’re not alone. It’s a great place to live, and popular with all kinds of people in all stages of life. At first glance, it might not seem like a lot. After all, it’s mostly a sleepy-looking farming community. But there’s much more Dundalk than meets the eye. A little bit of exploring, some talking with the locals, and you’ll see just why over a thousand new homes are about to be built in Dundalk and the surrounding region. You might want to get in on the ground floor of all that development, while you can get a great piece of land and a nice home with plenty of space. Times are changing in Dundalk.

A Town Poised for Explosive Growth

There are only 2,000 people who currently call Dundalk home, but that’s about to double, at least. Phase Three of Edgewood Greens is about to be built, and houses in Phase One and Two have sold well. These two-story homes are selling for less than what you’ll find in the greater Toronto area, but you’ll only be an hour and a half from the city. Dundalk is higher in elevation, too, so you have the beauty of the surrounding countryside and the quality craftsmanship of some great homes to enjoy. If you’re looking for a beautiful home and a higher quality of life, getting out of Toronto and coming to Dundalk could be just the thing.

Fresh Air, Quiet Roads, and a Peaceful Life

Not everyone wants the fast-paced life the city offers, at least not all the time. It can be exciting to visit and to be involved in the hustle and bustle. But sometimes you want something a little more relaxed. In Dundalk you can explore nature, along with rich, rural heritage. You can also get to know some great people, and you can be part of a community that’s already strong and that’s about to add to its quality and value with new homes and more people to enjoy it. Open space and conservation projects are part of the development agreement, giving you a lot more than just a subdivision of new houses.

Dundalk is Well Worth Taking a Closer Look

Wineries, trails, parks, skiing, much more are all close to Dundalk, so you won’t have to travel far for your favorite activities. You can make a day of going into the city for shopping, and you’ll be able to dine at fine restaurants and have all the exciting times you want. Then you can return home, to your quiet community and your beautiful house. You can have a slower pace of life, and a more affordable, relaxed existence. It’s really the best of both worlds when you live in Dundalk. It’s worth taking a closer look, to see all the wonderful things this natural, beautiful, small community has to offer to you.


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