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18 October 2019

Whether you’re closing up the cottage after another glorious Grey County summer, or are thinking about your own home, safety and security from intruders is top of mind in today’s world.  While many of the old timers talk of the days when no one locked their doors and keys were kept in the truck’s ignition overnight so that you always knew where they were, the reality is that many rural property owners feel the need for a little more than that in the way of home security.  The good news is that there are effective steps homeowners can take that are surprisingly low-tech and easy to implement.

Start with the outside of your home

Trespassers don’t want to be visible when they’re trying to gain access to a property.  Make it harder on them by trimming any trees and shrubs that grow in close proximity to the house and removing anything that could provide cover for a potential burglar.

Upgrade your entry ways

Consider steel or solid wood doors and frames for an added layer of protection and install deadbolts on the doors.  Wood and steel are harder to break than hollow-core doors and deadbolts are a simple and effective means of preventing unwanted entry.

Close the door on large valuables

If you’re lucky enough to own a snowmobile, ATV or expensive equipment, consider keeping it store inside a shed or garage whenever it’s not in use.  Locking away valuables keeps them out of sight and doesn’t alert the thief to the presence of anything that might arise temptation.

Use a timer

When you’re going to be away from home for any period of time, lock your windows, close the blinds or draw curtains and consider using a timer to have interior lights, the tv or a radio switch on for a couple of hours in the evening.  This way, burglars can’t be sure that there’s no one home and most will not want to take the risk.  If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, consider having a neighbour cut the grass or tidy up the garden.  A well maintained home is rarely empty!

Keep things well lit

If your house is set far back from the road, motion-detecting exterior lights are a good idea.  Set them up so that they are triggered each time anyone approaches the garage, front and back doors and side entrances of the house.  Visitors will appreciate being able to see clearly in the dark and anyone who shouldn’t be there won’t like how visible they’ve become.


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