5 Improvements To Make Before Listing

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16 May 2021

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you’re probably already doing some small things to make it look better. Even in a busy market, it’s absolutely worth your while to spruce things up a bit because it can help to ensure you get a quick sale and don’t leave any money on the table.  Whether you own a rustic farmhouse, a cabin in the woods or a charming home in one of our friendly small towns, some home improvements can have a bigger impact than others in the eyes of a buyer – and that means they are more profitable for you and worth the effort and investment.


Landscape the Front Yard

Curb appeal is important. Right now, potential buyers know exactly how competitive the market is and that they’ll have to be prepared to offer top dollar so they want to see a great-looking home that doesn’t need much in the way of a tune up, and that means they shouldn’t have to look past clutter and disrepair.  By landscaping your front yard and cleaning everything up well, you’ll have a chance to really get buyers interested in your home before they even set foot inside it.  Your first showing isn’t a booked appointment , it happens when a buyer views your property online, so photos must make a strong first impression!  If your curb appeal gets them in the door, then you have a chance to show them all the good things your home has to offer.


Paint the Interior

A good paint job can really shine a spotlight on your home.  A few tips?  Make sure you choose neutral colors and either hire a professional or take your time and do a very good job.  You need your home to look fresh, clean and current or you run the risk of leaving the wrong kind of impression.  If a buyer thinks they’ll need to paint or make updates to a home, they’re bound to take that into consideration when arriving at their offering price.  You want to do what you can to help buyers visualize themselves living in your home, and show them it’s move-in ready.


Update the Lighting Fixtures

Good lighting fixtures are important in any house. Buyers need to see the interior clearly, and good lighting makes that possible.  It also leaves the impression that your home is airy and spacious, and provide the atmosphere that is key to appealing to today’s buyers.  Good light fixtures don’t have to be expensive (there are tons of great options available online these days) so they’re an easy update that potential buyers will notice and appreciate.


Replace Dated or Worn Flooring

Even thought the number of listings is lower than it has been in past years, buyers are looking at everything and your home will face tough competition from other local properties.  Similar to painting, one of the things that can help your home stand out from others is new flooring. That’s especially true if you currently have older carpet – today’s buyers like to see hard floors, whether it’s hardwood, engineered flooring, good quality laminate or ceramic tile.  These options all seem cleaner, more modern and give the home a move-in-ready kind of feeling.  Buyers appreciate knowing that replacing old flooring is a job they won’t have to take on.


Refresh the Bathroom and Kitchen

You don’t have to completely remodel a bathroom or kitchen to give your house a good look for buyers.  Focus on small changes like replacing builder-grade fixtures, adding a pop of color to an accent wall, or swapping out anything dated to create a room with a fresh, clean look.  Kitchen and bathroom updates are typically where home owners see their biggest returns on investment, so it is absolutely worth it to spend a little bit of money on a few small improvements.



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