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“We never found ourselves waiting for an answer. Mark’s communication ability is at the top of the scale. Since we were to hours from the area of interest, this was very important for us. Mark’s knowledge of the industry and his honesty earned full points with us. Would we recommend Mark? Absolutely!”

Edward Cheeseman and Sharon Taylor,
West Grey, Bentick

“We enjoyed Mark’s friendly and professional manner. His prompt feedback kept us well informed during the selling process. We would recommend him without hesitation!”

David Weatherbee and Alvina O’Connor,
Lake Eugenia, On

“Courteous, available, friendly. Mark went out of his way to make sure our home sale and negotiations met our needs.”

Delbert and Nancy Lou Hill,
Euphrasia, Grey Highlands

“Mark is a positive, supportive and informative realtor. He kept us in the loop during our deal. We appreciate his fairness and his honesty.”

David and Angela Ringrose,
West Grey, Glen Elg

“Mark is a hardworking, efficient, gracious young man who worked for us extremely well. We count Mark as a new, good friend.”

Russell Wall and Donald Dennie Flesherton,
Grey Highlands, On

“Mark went out of his way to keep me informed as to what was happening. Thank you, Mark!”

Sheryl Robson,
Durham, West Grey

“I knew nothing about Mark when he offered a free appraisal. I liked his approach then, and I was certainly very satisfied with him.”

Margaret Angus,
Lake Eugenia, On

“Mark went above and beyond!”

Peter and Suzanne Whitehead,
Flesherton, On

“I appreciated the extra help I got from Mark in order to help us insure the sale went smoothly. Ex: well water, door repair, etc.”

Julie Foxx,
Priceville, Grey Highlands

“Mark kept in touch almost daily and made sure I understood everything.”

Noreen Sauve,
Markdale, Grey Highlands

“Mark is awesome! He gets things sold and he completely understands the business.”

Jon and Melissa Olsen,
Euphrasia, Grey Highlands

“I have been in the sales industry for many years and I was completely satisfied with the customer service Mark provided. I would characterize his work ethic as going “above and beyond”. I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase in the area.”

Mark Villeneuve,
Beaver Valley, On

“Over many months, we could not help but be impressed by Mark’s accessibility, his patience, and his willingness to help us in any way possible. His hard work deserves a medal!”

Patrick and Alison Kyba,
Priceville, Grey Highlands

“He was so patient, hardworking and friendly. He drove for miles to find out anything we needed to know.”

Charles Best and Catherine Connally,
Berkley, Chatsworth

“Mark went above and beyond the normal standard to assist us in closing our deal. We would give him 150%!”

David and Mary Bland,
Holland Centre, Chatsworth

“Mark is hardworking and committed. He was always upbeat and positive and very sensitive when it came to my situation.”

Aulden Rosborough,
Beaver Valley, On

“Mark was fantastic! Very supportive, laid back, and not pushy. We would recommend him 100%!”

Edward and Carol Anne McTaggart,
Grey Highlands, On

“Mark was very personable, easy to speak with, and kept us informed on every aspect of the sale. He was totally awesome!”

Gord Davidson and Gloria Heather,
Priceville, Grey Highlands

“Mark was extremely easy to deal with, and I would definitely recommend him.”

Sandy Hamilton – Hamilton Developing Inc.,
Beaver Valley, On

“I liked Mark’s feedback on even the smallest things.”

Stacey Rowe,
West Grey, Glen Elg & Markdale

“Mark is very personable and kept me informed regularly.”

Fay MacPhail,
Priceville, Grey Highlands

“Mark’s communication was excellent on every level.”

Robert Sturrock,
Ceylon, Grey Highlands

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