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6 May 2019

Even though cities continue to grow faster than rural small towns, there can be definite financial advantages as well as the benefits of decreased stress and increased quality of life when you choose a home in a country setting.

According to a 2018 study by researchers at McGill University and the Vancouver School of Economics, the happiest people in Canada are residents of small towns rather than urban areas. That may not be a surprise when you consider the natural beauty and all-season activities that are available in smaller communities only a short distance from Toronto.

Additionally, Ontario residents who choose to live in surrounding rural communities still have the option of commuting to the city during the work week while enjoying all the benefits of the area’s recreational facilities and a slower pace while at home.

There are other advantages to choosing a life in the country, all backed by statistics and proven science. They include:

Lower Cost of Living

While some goods may cost more, studies report that, overall, prices in six major categories — housing, utilities, transportation, health care, groceries, and miscellaneous goods and services — can be anywhere from six to 13 percent lower in a country setting than in urban areas, in both the United States and Canada. The greatest price difference is in housing cost.

Health and Wellness

Medical practitioners and psychologists alike recommend taking advantage of opportunities to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and natural surroundings. Healthy environments, along with exercise and proper diet have a beneficial effect on mood and energy and contribute to physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Safety and Security

Small towns still are, for the most part, friendly and neighborly. It’s easier to make friends, and close ties mean that neighbors are concerned about mutual well-being. They’ll watch your children, your pets and your property. That can be a comforting feeling. Crime statistics support the claim that major offenses occur less frequently in rural areas. However, if you choose a home on a large lot in an isolated area, a security system is still a good idea!

Long Term Investment Advantages

Small town residents are more likely to own their homes rather than rent, and homeownership is one of the prime factors in building a stable financial future. In addition, if you buy a home in an area with extraordinary beauty and long-term recreational appeal, owners are also more likely to stay in the same home over the long term, adding to financial security and making expensive vacation travel less necessary. It’s a lifestyle choice, to be sure, but one that makes financial sense.

Beaver Valley Real Estate for Sale

If you’re considering a move away from urban Toronto, Beaver Valley communities including Markdale, Eugenia, Flesherton, and Feversham are definitely worth investigating. Not only is the topography inviting, but the range of properties is diverse, with amenities and activities that appeal equally to active adults, children, and retirees.

As a full-service real estate firm with extensive knowledge about area advantages, we stand ready to help you determine which community would best suit your lifestyle goals, and then to assist you in the search for the perfect property.

Please contact us for more information about Beaver Valley real estate for sale. It would be our privilege to welcome you home to “our country.”


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